Amaterasu Solar
Foundations of Economics

Let Me take You down to the foundations of why We exchange to survive (economics). When We first began acquiring and creating things with Our meaningful energy expended, the product of that expenditure was valued (and represented that energy, with the meaning setting the value) because We did not have the time/energy to acquire and/or create all We might want. We bartered and traded and work exchanged to fill all the gaps.

Eventually, these modes of exchange became cumbersome, and We began to agree on tokens to represent Our meaningful energy expended. Shells, beads, sticks notched and split. These also included coins of precious metals, and then bills when hauling metals around in large quantities became cumbersome too. Then the debt system, creating tokens through loans, eventually emerging and enhanced by a shift from paper entries to electronic bits.

The foundation of all of it still rests on the effectively scarce amounts of energy to be meaningfully expended.

The question becomes, do We really NEED to exchange to survive? What if We added free energy (and I personally know We have such deep in black projects)? What if We added robots in necessary work no One WANTS to do? We Humans will do things We WANT to do for merely the social currency We receive – thanks, appreciation, love, respect, reputation, lauds, name recognition, fame, Self satisfaction – IF We are not concerned about how We will meet the basics in life.

So Let’s look at adding free energy. Suppose We spent taxes to build and retrofit everything with free energy. The costs of energy would be removed – all down the line. Products become cheaper and cheaper – initially in any markets with high amounts of competition, but eventually in all aspects as pressure comes to bear.

So now, We can spend taxes on filling positions We NEED with Those who love the work, and robots to take up slack. At this point, the need to exchange is extinguished because, since 100% of the cost of EVERYTHING is energy, and We have removed the cost of both external and Human energy, everything becomes free.  The amount We spend is irrelevant, for with the removal of money, all financial debt becomes moot.

Many of the industries We see today will vanish, being unnecessary: banking, insurance, Wall Street, advertising, accounting, sales, and cashiering (and what percentage of These that hold such jobs LOVE what They do and would not prefer to be doing something else?).

Along with these We will see also no more poverty, oppression, wage/debt and outright slavery, and biggest: profiteering. War profiteering (no war: “If You want peace, take the PROFIT out of war.”), prison profiteering, pharma profiteering (and thus the suppressed cures will emerge), medical profiteering, chemical profiteering, food profiteering, water profiteering, air profiteering.

It also pulls the money rug out from under the psychopaths that have matriculated to the top of the money/power heap (ALL money systems promote the most ruthless and psychopathic; They are the Ones who are willing to do ANYTHING to get, and keep, money/power over Others). They become equals with all the rest of Us, accountable as Individuals, as are the rest of Us.

If You would like details, I direct You to My work at these links:



The Plan:

Also, I offer a 10 minute nutshell here, wherein to focus on the ideas, I remain anonymous:

For Us to choose to eliminate the need to exchange to survive, the ideas need to hit the tipping point – about 10% – and then it will seem everyOne is talking about it and 90+% will know about it. And THEN…

We WILL create better on this planet.


“If the universe is made of mostly Dark Energy…can We use it to run Our cars?”
“The LOVE of money is the root of all evil; remove the soil in which the root grows…”

“If You want peace, take the profit out of war.”
Forget Democracy? Mob Rule? Now We Can Have a Solutocracy!

In Our past systems of governing, We pass “laws” - whether by consent of the “governed” (seldom) or by decree from a body of one to some number of Individuals who are making decisions.  (They aren’t really Laws, for there are only three Laws.  If You look, You will see they are all statutes, codes, bills, declarations, constitutions, regulations, mandates, edicts, decrees, rules, and so on.  They are NOT Laws.)

So We operate under these decisions for Us as best We can.  We vote for “laws” that Others must follow, and justice is served poorly with the letter of the law at times being clearly opposed to the spirit.  (Or at least the spirit We were sold it as having.)  Or We vote for a representative who is supposed to vote in Our interest, but money nearly always buys that One out.

This is how democracies and republics operate.

Many of You know My work showing that We can eliminate the

need for money and provide richly for ALL on this planet, with tools Humanity JUST NOW has, and if not, please see My other work, especially The End of Entropy.  Once We remove the need for money, most of the “laws” will be meaningless.  In fact, there are two types of “laws,” the bulk dealing with commerce issues (and “drug laws” fall in there too, because they are there so some will make money).  With the removal of the need for money, these commerce “laws” become meaningless.  The few remaining deal with issues covered in the ancient three Laws:

Do not willfully hurt or kill another sentient, sapient Being

Do not willfully take or damage another sentient, sapient Being’s property

Do not willfully defraud another sentient, sapient Being

Without a profit motive, these Laws are pretty easily kept.  Why would One defraud another of something when that something can be ordered on the web and delivered all for free?  Why take things that belong to Others?  And murder is a money thing.  So rare is murder outside of wars - drug wars, corporate wars, “elite” wars, domestic “wars” (all about money/power) and ordinary war profiteering wars.  No, can’t solve for jealous lovers who lose it.  Can’t solve for a few others - but the bulk of issues are solved for, the biggies:  poverty, oppression,  wage/debt and outright slavery, and profiteering.

In a society that has solved for profit motive (i.e., gotten rid of the need to exchange to survive), is democracy really what We truly want?  Many have said that democracy is “mob rule,” and because it imposes (or is presumed to) the will of Others over the will of One, it can easily turn out that way.

Here is where I offer up the idea of a solutocracy.

Rather than voting on whether or not We want to (try to) make People behave a certain way, perhaps We should address whether some behavior is a PROBLEM in any given case.  Beyond the three Laws - which, when broken are always a problem to one degree or another - a problem can be quite subjective.  The more who look, the closer to objective perspective overall will be perceived.  If a community looks at a reported issue and also see a problem, then a problem likely exists.  On the other hand, if no real problem is seen, then it’s probably best left for the Ones involved to handle.

With the web now covering a large portion of the planet, a central site could be set up, open-source programmed, where local, regional, continental, and global levels can be accessed, where reports can be made at the local level of problems, big and small.  Solutions can be discussed, and if enough People think it’s a problem and vote for it, it goes to the next level.

Each time it moves to a higher level, more People are available to offer solutions.  In this way, local problems can be solved locally, but if the problem is big enough and there are no solutions locally, additional resources from a wider scope can be drawn on.

No One is limited to voting on just Their own local issues.  This allows for People who believe They have been wronged to put a call out to friends to vote and comment, as well.  In turn, if both sides have many They call to vote, the problem can be moved up a level and more objective a perspective will emerge.  Solutions will be more “fair.”

Also, involvement will tend to be amongst Those who care about solving a given problem; no longer will People be interested only because there is a money angle.  Either the problem elicits concern or it does not.  It is small indeed if very few see a problem at all.

From such a structure, the People most skilled at solving a problem will emerge - as each Person offers a soltution, Others will evaluate the solution and will implement it if enough see it as a good solution.

This differs greatly from “mob rule” because:

1.  Most looking at the problem will NOT be vested in it.
2.  If a group is pushing for an “unfair” solution, a larger group will emerge to push for a better solution.
3.  Mobs are more a function of physical proximity than distanced by a lack of immediacy over the web.  (Thus We see People speaking Their minds on the web as They never would in face-to-face interactions.)
4.  In a system that does not set rules, but rather examines each problem as it arises, mob rule (as the term “rule” implies) cannot “rule.”

So rather than voting for People to vote for “laws” that apply whether there is a problem or not (and frequently creating more problems), We only look at things if there IS a problem to begin with.  Rather than expecting one Individual to have expertise in solving all problems, the BEST Individual(s) for solving any specific problem will emerge.

In such a system, One is then free to do anything and everything One wants to do within the three Laws, and as long as Others see no problem.  And when a problem arises, a high degree of objectivity can be achieved in solving it.

I suggest that We consider this form of governance over governMENT (controlMIND).  From this system ALL are able to pursue life, liberty, and happiness with ease.

We Humans have a chance NOW to end the control of the “elites.”  The first step is getting awareness of this fact to the tipping point.

Spread the ideas widely and OFTEN.  Keep it in Consciousness.  Revolution in ideas, not blood.

... time to join in with THE ONE PEOPLE and co-create a happier, safer, more peaceful world !

If You’re speaking of the One People’s Public Trust…  I only have issues that some three People believe They have trusteeship over Me.  *I* give no One that right…

I will say, however, that. as trusteeship is involved purely for the financial “ownership” issues, with free energy making the need to account for meaningful energy expended (via money, trade, barter, etc.) moot, “ownership” will be relegated to the things One has about Oneself - material things, and not money.

If the ideas I offer reach the tipping point in awareness on this planet, We WILL create a better planet for ALL of Us.

An Open Letter to the Revolutionaries

I want to talk to all You revolutionaries.  You, who now are looking around You and thinking this is not how it should be.  You who, regardless of who You blame for the problems of this planet, know that something is about to break.

Maybe You are tucking food and ammunition away, preparing.  Most likely You are just going about Your day, watching the web, and saying, “We have to do something.”

Something is VERY wrong with the picture.

I watch as this solution to that problem is suggested – and yeah, maybe that might bandaid that problem – but there are other symptoms that crop up, and then We, to mix metaphors, have to put that fire out.  Quick!  What size bandaid do We need, and what shape, what contour?  And underlying virtually all of these sores in Our society, diverse as it is, on this planet I see a common infection.

Point blank, the infection that drains Humans of creative – and yes, loving – behavior is the need for money.  I see People behave badly in so many ways, trying to find ways to enhance Their money.  Most don’t, as a rule, making do but maybe contemplating what it would be like if They robbed a bank and got away with it.  What would They do with all that money?

So not only do We have to come up with bandaids, We have to be able to afford them – which leads to wrong sized bandaids, or no bandaid at all.  And within this the need for money, We have a very few on this planet sucking Us for all We are worth.  Add to that there is evidence that They also are not interested in the global welfare of Humanity.

So…  Let’s take a look at money.  Is there a way to eliminate the need for it?

Let’s ask the question, what function does money play in Our social interaction?  Surely We measure “success” by the quantity One can accumulate of it.  Its main function, however, is to allow Us to conveniently move the products of Human and “external” energy between Us.

Human energy is used in services, in labor, and in what I call documenting – dealing with red tape, creating receipts, keeping books, accounting for this currency.  “External” energy is, of course, all the other sources of energy:  coal, gas, oil, wood, etc.

This makes sense if You think of the first hunter, gatherer, fisher, farmer, miner, builder…  In each case, Human energy is put forth in a meaningful way and the product represents that energy, with the meaning giving it value.  Everything They used was free – the bows, the baskets, the rods, the seeds and soil and sun and rain, the picks – were created with free stuff through Human energy meaningfully expended so as to collect the free goods (with more meaningful energy expended).

Because the product of meaningful energy expended was scarce, compared to all One might want to accomplish, We placed the value We did on what We produced.  Out of this grew the exchange of the products – whether services or tangible.  From this We can see that 100% of the cost of anything is the cost of energy, whether Human or “external.”

When trade and barter became too cumbersome, tokens began being used, and more convenient tokens were devised as time went on.  Shells, beads, coins, bills, checks, electronic funds – all tokens of this meaningful energy expended.

Throughout the history We have on this planet, there has been the presumption that energy is scarce.  This has affected the way in which Our society has grown.  For instance, when Humans began to be used as the energy source along the assembly line, the “work ethic” sprouted up to keep Us believing that a handful of tokens was Our just due for doing Our duty to the system, keeping it going.  In fact, We have become slaves of this system.

Until recently, the energy scarcity has been a yoke on Humanity, in the form of money, and the symptoms of wearing that yoke are many.  Poverty and privilege, oppression, wage/debt slavery, greed, a banking system that is out of control, and war profiteering.  With accumulations of money comes power – in fact, power over Others is merely another form of money, leading Us to the equation, money=power=energy.

Now, for the first time in Our given history, We have access to the energy pool We swim in – the so-called “Dark” Energy, also called zero point energy, radiant energy (Tesla), orgone (Reich), “vacuum” energy, plenum energy, and other such names.  The methods of extracting this energy, however, have been hidden and suppressed.

Because the power “elite” know Their power depends on energy scarcity – which begs for a system to account for it, and thus money (and thus power over Others) – They hide any technologies that offer free energy.  If we had free energy flowing, the cost of things would be vastly cheaper as the cost of “external” energy is removed all down the production line.

Another development We are just now seeing is the great advancement in robotics.  We are at the point where all necessary work no One WANTS to do can be done by robot.  If free energy took the bulk of the cost of things away, making robots affordable, and We built robots for all the necessary work no One WANTS to do (or not enough People), We can remove the cost of Human energy – and this will make everything…free.

We Humans will readily do things We WANT to do for merely the social currency it brings Us:  appreciation, thanks, lauds, fame, recognition, attention, and Self-satisfaction.

And so…  Rather than Us dividing on the issues of what bandaid in what shape, size and contour We should be placing on what societal sore, I call for a solidarity in doing all We can to strip the “elite” of Their power over Others – by working to release free energy extraction methods from secrecy, and building robots.

Let’s break out of the old paradigm and institute simple societal seeds for a healthy society to emerge from.

For more detail please see:

1.  The Foundation:
2.  Governance:
3.  A Plan:
4.  Another approach:
5.  Info about one hidden free energy method:
6.  The Ethical Planetarian:

Let Us go a new direction on this planet and solve all issues related to money – which is at least 98% of the problems We see.  First step:  Spread awareness of this solution to the tipping point.

The root of all evil is the LOVE of money.  Remove the soil in which the root grows…

How about we turn the Gangsters into Gardeners ??? We send the people that have done the most damage to go and restore the worst places of environmental damaged areas on Earth and well there their we educate them on how to be land stewards and how to be Heart centered beings ??? Hows that for a start ??? Send the Banksters in first then petro & parma and so on ( Be accountable for damages do to the earth and its people ! )

I say We pull the money rug out from under Them and then start the healing.




And…then We can heal the planet.

Stigmergic Governance Via the Web

In My piece, The End of Entropy (see earlier entry), I propose the following:

With a central website, in forum style, to address major issues – divided into local sections, regional sections and global sections, with “votes” at a certain level elevating the problems and solutions to the next level to be voted on by a greater number – we can collectively coordinate to solve the issues of this planet.  Social responsibility will be seen as spending 15 minutes a day (or more) reviewing the issues on this site.  This seed parameter will see an emergence of human unity as a race and as a planet.

What is there proposed is a stigmergic governance - a way to govern society without a governMENT.  In a system with no money or need for exchange, stigmergic governance will work - as long as there are money interests, it is unlikely to, with votes bought, up or down, and other disruptive aspects.  This is what I propose in a free energy/robot system where no money is needed (read The End of Entropy for a picture of how this works).  If You are unfamiliar with the term, stigmergy, a good place to get a handle on the term is

A very good illustration of stigmergy is Linux.  In this case, one Individual created a basic program and offered it freely in open source.  Others came along and began to improve upon it, create software to run on it, and so on.  There was no “leader” in this group - those who wanted to get involved did so - and from the initial basic program, a whole creative “empire” came to be…all entirely free and freely.

And so, from this aspect of Our nature to do work on things We care about, whether We are paid or not, I developed a system of governance.  The basic idea is a central website divided into local, regional, continental and global sections.  Much like a forum, People could post problems They see to Their local section (or any other local section where the problem may exhibit itself).  Others, reviewing the site, may “vote” to say They think the subject is a problem too, with “stars” or “thumbs up” or whatever.  Votes down are also allowed.  Apathy can be demonstrated by not voting at all.

Solutions can be posted and be “cheered” or “booed.”  In the event a solution is seen to be a good one, leaders of the moment will act to implement the solution.  It can be the original poster or any Other concerned individual - the leaders will emerge to solve the problem.

When enough votes up occur without a solution that is seen as particulary good, the issue is elevated to the next level, the regional level, where more minds can work on the problem, offering help and/or solutions.  More People can vote the problem up or down.

And so on up to the global level.  If a problem is so severe and/or important that it reaches the global level and STILL no solution is found, I guess the Human race is SOL.  But few problems will reach that level, and virtually never will they go unsolved.

The difference between a forum and the site will be that problems will be listed not in terms of date added but in terms of the net number of votes up (votes up minus votes down).  Also, there will be a section of issues unread.

The original poster will have the ability to remove a problem once it is solved or is no longer a problem, at which point it will be archived.  Problems with no activity for three months (or six, or some number as deemed reasonable) will drop off and be archived.

There will be a special section for emergencies - and Those whose bliss it is to help in any given emergency will be able to monitor this section and take action.  Those who care will be enabled to help.

Here is a breakdown of how it will work:

Sue has a problem - any problem at all.  She goes to the website and posts it.  Her neighbors (and anyOne else) can vote relative to Her problem.  They can offer solutions.  Discussion of the problem and its solutions can take place in the problem thread, just as in a forum, and from that, Her problem will likely be solved or will not be seen as a problem by Others.  If no One else sees a problem, no votes up will be received - and Sue will have to make do with what She sees as a problem, finding Her own solution.  This will be rare.  If no One else sees a problem…chances are it really isn’t a problem to begin with.

As an example, Let’s say Sue has a problem with noisy neighbors.  She posts the problem.  Others ask if She has talked to the neighbors.  Yes, Sure replies, She has.  SomeOne suggests that She move.  Another suggests ordering and installing soundproofing.  Sue considers Her options and decides the move is better than the soundproofing.  She thanks the People for the suggestion and indicates the problem has been solved.

Instead, Let’s say the problem is more difficult.  A dam above Her house is showing signs of giving way and She reports this.  Many others see that They are threatened too.  They vote the problem up.  Some also start making suggestions:  get robots out there to shore the dam up.  Drain the water behind the dam.  So on and so forth.  Discussion ensues, and meanwhile more People, though not immediately affected, see that it IS a problem and vote it up.

Soon, it reaches the regional level, and someOne who has experience dealing with such problems chimes in with His solution.  Many cheer it and that One begins the process of solving the problem.  Those who care join to help.  He directs them and the problem is solved.

Maybe it’s an asteroid heading for the earth - this will likely reach the global level swiftly, and those who have the knowhow and wherewithal to go into space and plant charges to blow it up or divert it come to the fore as the leaders…

In this way, We Humans can be directly involved in running Our planet, allowing the BEST solutions to be implemented (and not the most profitable or cheapest).

As I mentioned, this is not a system for use where moneyed interests are involved.  In fact…  No governing system works well as long as money is involved.  This is one more reason to eliminate money as a necessity.

If there are issues You see, please let Me know.  Or any other comments.

You should let me know whenever you release a new piece. I'll repost on the Extraordinary Year facebook page.

I have another piece I will be posting soon.  Thank You so much!

Someone who is not bound by security needs to figure this out, and present it to the world. A dangerous and shakey ground to stand on, but if done right, would open free electricity to the world...overnight. Tesla knew this before 1900, and confirmed his findings in the early 1900's at Colorado Springs, CO.

Indeed.  What I am hoping is that the “toadies” - Those who keep the secrets for the “elite” - will grasp that They do not have to toady anymore and can control Their own lives, living richly, in the abundance paradigm IF They release the information They hide.  I hope They see that breaking an oath to evil (and it IS evil to deny Humanity the abundance of the universe) is no oath broken.

I am hoping They will come forward.

There have already been many who have figured things out and They have been bought, threatened and killed.  This will continue as long as We are Individuals and not a force against the “elite.”

Thank You for Your comment.  [smile]

The Hot Dog Stand: How Much Would You Charge?

by Amaterasu Solar

Let Us presume a world where free energy is available to all.  Also, Let’s add robots doing all the necessary work no One wants to do - or taking up the slack where not enough People are doing necessary work.

In this scenario, there would not be any need for money - in any form: barter, trade, work exchange, cash, checks, electronic funds.  You may doubt this, but Let’s examine a single case to illustrate the whole.

Let Us now suppose that You have a hot dog cart - You like to hang around it from time to time and chat with People, say; You are a gregarious sort.  And You like to see people happy eating food.  The energy to run this cart is free, and You have a robot tending it, taking orders, fixing the dogs, and so on.  You, Yourself, may choose to fix a dog or two for People You particularly like, but You don’t HAVE to do any of the work.

Your robot is run on free energy, so it doesn’t cost You anything.

Now Let’s say Your hot dogs come from pigs, and the farm - where the pigs are allowed to roam a few acres - is run by robots.  There may be someone who LOVES to raise pigs there, but most likely, the pigs are cared for, organically, by the robots (which are run on free energy).  The cost of the pigs themselves is nothing.

The fields that grow the food for the pigs are farmed by robots, running on free energy, and perhaps a Human or three who LOVE to farm the land.  The tilling, planting, weeding, debugging (maybe by small robots patrolling the plants), and harvesting is all handled organically by these robots and so there is no cost to grow the pig food.

Robots transport the pig feed for free (and any Humans who LOVE to transport things, should there be any).

Robots would handle the slaughter, cleanly (We would ensure this), quickly and honorably.  They would also process the meat into the dogs, and upon a standing order, or Your request over the web, would deliver the dogs to Your cart - for free.

From the fields, free-range chicken coops and dairies (handled by robots), would come the ingredients for the buns and condiments, delivered to bakeries and processing plants for free - baked by robots (and Those whose bliss it is to bake large batches of buns) and processed by robots, with no energy cost anywhere.  These things too would be delivered upon request, for free.

So…  How much would You charge for these hot dogs?  You paid nothing for the energy in the production line, nor for the labor in the production line - Those who chose to add Their Human energy did so not because They HAD to in order to survive, but because They LOVE to do what They were doing.  Things being free, They simply chose to spend Their time in Their bliss.  The seeds that were farmed are freely given by nature…so are the pigs, for that matter.  The planet sits under Us freely for seeds to go into and pigs to live on.

You paid nothing for these hot dogs; it costs You zero to run the stand.  (And We could go into the stand itself, as well as the robot, costing nothing, too, through robot workers for mining the metals, smelting, shaping, etc…).  So why would You need to charge for the hot dogs?

Now, Let’s say one day You befriend someone and She just LOVES to make specialty hot dogs - Her own “secret recipe” of spices.  She can get Her meat free, Her spices free, Her cooking heat free, Her pots and pans and whatever else for free.  And, because She doesn’t HAVE to spend 8 or more hours pursuing Her slave’s compensation for Her Human energy, She has time and energy of Her own to devote to making Her signature hot dogs.

One day She invites You over - You, who don’t have to “mind the store,” since Your robot can handle it easily - and so You decide to hang out with Her while She is in Her bliss, making Her dogs.

You say, “Hey.  Those smell damn good.  Better than what I have at the hot dog stand!  If You have any extra, can I distribute them at My cart?”

She smiles in delight.  “Of course.  I always have a lot and You can have what You want!  Thank You for the compliment!”

Thus begins a happy relationship.  You have a robot pack up Her dogs and take them to the cart.  You also have a sign made up saying, “NOW!  Dogs by Delilah!”  And soon, Delilah is blissfully making Her dogs, and Your cart is gaining the reputation of being the best on the block - or in town…or in the world.  You develop a reputation.  Your cart is written up in a number of blogs, and demand for the dogs - HUMAN made - grows.  Soon, reservations are required to get the dogs, because Delilah does not want to make THAT many dogs.  All this is handled via net and computer.

In the end, You gain reputation for having a popular hot dog cart, Delilah has reputation for making dogs, and neither of You have traded, bartered, exchanged work, exchanged coin, bills, checks or electronic funds (money).

But You are both very rich in social standing.

This all seems idyllic, so wonderful to consider.  Every Human Being freed from wage-slavery and poverty to follow Her/His bliss, with richness in character and betterment contributions defining wealth.  But can We get there?  The answer is, YES!, but We need a plan.

The Plan is to:

1)  Raise awareness that electrogravitics technology (which provides gravity control (“antigravity”) and overunity (“free energy”)) exists so that We can -

2)  Call for the release of the overunity technology to -

3)  Remove the cost of energy in manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, homes, & misc. so -

4)  The cost of building robots to do the necessary jobs no One wants to do becomes affordable so -

5)  We can relieve Ourselves of undesired toil, being supported easily at this point on social services since -

6)  Money will become unnecessary when the effort to collect the penny for the week’s groceries (the room full of furniture, the house, the [fill in the blank]) is more than the penny is worth

By abundantly replacing the money with what it represents (meaningful energy expended), the need for money dissipates and there is no motive to promote consumerism.  There is no motive to create cheap, breakable goods to ensure future sales. There is no motive to solve issues the cheapest or most profitable way.  There is no motive to steal - if One wants it, another can be had for the asking on the web. There is no motive to defraud.  There is no motive to silence discoveries.  There is no motive to hide cures.  There is no motive to do what does not give One bliss.

But surely there are plenty Whose bliss is solving problems.  Plenty Whose bliss is creating robots.  Plenty Whose bliss is programming.  Plenty Whose bliss is researching.  Plenty Whose bliss is helping Others.  Plenty Whose bliss is building.  Plenty Whose bliss is creating art.  Plenty Whose bliss is teaching.  Plenty Whose bliss is any endeavor robots can’t handle.

There WILL be motive to better the world - Those who contribute will earn appreciation, thanks, gratitude, name recognition and Self satisfaction.  Instill a Betterment Ethic in place of the work “ethic” (a slave’s ethic - enrich others with One’s Human energy).

"From Each according to BLISS; to Each according to DESIRE."

So if One wants to be a couch potato…  Heh.  No problem!

Clearly We must spread this information.  Widely.  Below is a link to a petition, but if You choose to sign it, don’t stop there.  Share it.  Email it to friends and family, tweet it often on Twitter, post it to the Hotel Califacebook and on forums You visit.  Become proactive and maintain the proactivity.  If We all do this, We can make this planet a far better place than it is now.

To sign a petition for the release of electrogravitics technology:

More detail on the simple chaos seed for a society with free energy:  (All societies are chaos systems; chaos differs from randomness in that it has an infolded or underlying structure/seed.)

Twitter: @AmaterasuSolar